Sales & Account Management

Sales and Account Management

Growth and Stability is the aim of all businesses and neither will be achieved without control over your potential and your current customer base. Which is why Sales Management and Account Management are such critical areas to get right in your business.

Sales Management

A sales pipeline describes the approach to selling based upon the underlying principles of a sales process.

A simple and consistent sales process must be established within your organisation if you wish to gain control over your pipeline and future forecasting.

This does not have to be complex, but does require a clear understanding of how you sell to customers and how customers buy from you. TBI can assist you in the development of a sales process that matches your current practices or can create a process that makes you fit for future growth.

The sales pipeline should describe the individual steps a salesperson takes with a customer through the sales process, demonstrating how customers move through from initial contact, lead, prospect and sale.

Your company’s sales pipeline is the best indicator as to the health of your business. Strong control over your pipeline will enable accurate forecasting and resource planning that will ensure you can successfully deliver your products or services as well as manage expectations of all interested parties, from your customers through to your shareholders / owners.

It is vital that your pipeline only contains valid prospects and your sales team must be incentivised appropriately to ensure that the pipeline is an accurate picture of what is likely to happen and not a ‘pipe dream’.


TBI can support your organisations in the development, roll out and initial management of the sales process and pipeline implementation.




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Account Management

‘People buy from People’ this statement is often used as a throw away when talking about sales, however, it is probably the most truthful of all sales related statements you will ever hear.

Unless you are delivering a unique service or the only provider of a product, you have competition. If a customer is comparing similar products or services they will inevitably buy from the sales person that they have made a connection with.

Maintaining these relationships and understanding the needs and pressures your customers are facing will enable you to anticipate customer need and have the solution ready before they know there is even an issue.

Account or Relationship management when implemented and delivered correctly will ensure repeat and continued business from your current customer base. It is far more cost effective to hunt for business with organisations you already have a relationship with than it is to hunt in the wider world.


TBI will support your organisation in the set up and delivery of an efficient and effective customer relationship management approach that will see your sales increase and reduce the number of customers that look elsewhere for similar products and services.

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